Welcome to the World ‎ of Wonders

Step into the magical oasis of KAIMAKK, where tales of One Thousand and One Nights come alive and mysteries unfold. 
Where the stars shine brighter, the "owing water sings soothing melodies, and the most extravagant of all peacocks lives. 
Based on tradition, culture, and finesse, KAIMAKK,
Finest Delights & The Art of Serving, World’s first Luxury Turkish
Delight&Desserts Brand, a visionary investment of TERHA, is now open at the Istanbul Airport International Terminal, hosting thousands of guests daily.

Hayat Fountain by Derya Geylani

The unique artwork located in the centre of the venue is specially produced by contemporary Turkish glass artist Derya Geylani, based on her "Moment” series for KAIMAKK, represents the past and present with its gigantic leaps emerging from the fountain made of traditional travertine stone.

KAIMAKK, showcases the famous Turkish hospitality from past to present in a magnificent and impressive way, with its remarkable architectural design, serving the best of Turkish delights and desserts in its restaurant and brasserie areas, and a dazzling sherbet bar.